3 Moves For 10 Minutes That Can Help You Shape Lower Body


When you need to kick your lower body into shape quickly and easily, but don’t have access to or time to get to the gym, use this simple and fast 10-minute workout to do anywhere, even at home.

Just repeat the following sequence 3 times in total:

#1. Touching Lunges

Focuses on your butt and leg areas.

– Natural standing stance, legs apart, keep hands at hips, and bend knees a bit, like a squat.

– Step one leg far back, while you bend each knee, with the back knee just above the ground.

– At the same time as you go into lunge, touch fingers outside of front toes.

– Push yourself up into original position and alternate sides.

– 10-16 repetitions per side.

#2. Deadlifts

Will firm up your butt and legs.

– Natural stance, legs slightly separated, with dumbbells in both hands.

– Backstays straight while you lower down, folding at hips, dumbbells near the body, get as close to ground with dumbbells as possible.

– Stand back up evenly.

– 10-16 repetitions.

#3. Slide Into Side Lunges

Forms tight butt and legs.

– Bare feet or socks on the floor to be able to slide, legs slightly apart, arms straight out to hold firm in place.

– Bend one knee like squatting, while other leg slides out straight to side, slide as far as you can.

– Bring leg back from the slide and straighten another knee.

– 10-16 repetitions per side.

Before you know it, this workout routine will be over and your lower body will be one step closer to where you’d like it to be.