4 ways to cure joints with cabbage


What do you know about cabbage? Most likely, you will answer that this is a very useful veggie that you like to use for cooking. Did you know that cabbage can improve your health? Yes, guys, cabbage leaves can improve and eliminate diseases, pain and also improve digestion and breastfeeding.

Today we would like to reveal one secret to you. If you suffer from joint and muscle pain, you just need to use cabbage to relieve this pain. Cabbage contains ascorbic, folic and pantothenic acid, and these super-substances help to relieve inflammation. So if you experience joint pain, you need to apply a cabbage leaf to the affected area every day for a month to get rid of it.

Credit: Pixabay

Here are a few ways to use cabbage leaves to get rid of joint pain:

#1. Rinse the cabbage leaf. Make a few cuts on it and heat it in the microwave. Cover the leaf with honey and apply to the affected area. Wrap it with a cellophane, and fix it with a bandage, and then wrap it with a scarf. Leave overnight. You must repeat the procedure within a few days.

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#2. Mix one part of honey, one part mustard and three parts camphor oil. Put the resulting mixture on a leaf of cabbage and place it on the joint. Wrap it with a cellophane and leave for 4 hours

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#3. Rinse the cabbage leaf. Dry it with a towel. Then lightly squeeze the cabbage so that it gives a little juice. Place the leaf on the inflamed joint. Wrap it with a cellophane, fix it with a bandage and warm it with a scarf. Leave overnight.

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#4. Grind 2 tablets of aspirin and mix with 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply the mixture to the affected joint and cover with cabbage leaf. Warm it with a scarf.

Keep your skin clean during treatment. Treat the skin area above the joint, which requires care – with the antiseptic. This way, you will not suffer from redness and itching. Write in the comments what you think about these joint treatment methods. We wish you good health and a speedy recovery!