DO NOT DO THIS during the menstrual period; it might be deadly – ALL WOMEN MUST READ!


Please read carefully what you should not do during the menstrual period.

The menstrual cycle is something that happens every month. Then you feel fatigue, you have no desire to move nor to communicate. All you want is just to sit at home, surrounded by a handful of delicious food. And all of this is fine, and allowed. However, there are activities you do during the cycle, and are not allowed at all.

Unprotected sexual relation

Big are chances to get pregnant. In order to avoid many infections, it is best to abstain from sexual relations until the cycle is finished.

Never skip meals

Try not to skip meals. You must keep in mind that losing a lot of blood during that time, and the food will regain your energy.

No physical work

If you feel pain in your back or stomach, avoid physical work, because pain in this case will be worst.

Eat fast food

Eating fast food in two hours after midnight may seem like a good idea. Do not overdo.

Cold waternot at all

You should not drink cold water because apparently menstrual blood stays in the wall of the uterus, and after 5-10 years, it can cause cancer of reproductive organs.