Farewell to dullness: 5 rules for beautiful skin


Ideally smooth skin, as if illuminated from the inside – the main beauty trend of this season. We know several ways that will help achieve a radiant effect and transform the face in a moment, giving it a fresh and rested look. Our skin is the main indicator of health. There are methods that improve the condition of the skin and make it flawless. How to make your face look perfect at home? The main thing – competent care. Most women have skin problems only because they do not know how to take care of their skin.

Ensuring correct and regular care is very simple, for this there are many recipes and methods. Every day the cells of our body go through the entire life cycle: old ones die, and new ones appear in their place. You can ask why you need constant care for the face and body, if the body alone copes with everything.

However, with age, the processes of tissue regeneration and metabolism become slower, the skin loses its smoothness and elasticity. Regular skin care can slow the aging of the skin and help get rid of its shortcomings. Let’s look at 5 rules for beautiful skin:

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#1. Moisturizing

Make daily moisturizing your skin a habit. Gently rub it with a towel, apply a suitable cream. This will restore the epidermis. Do not forget that moisturizing is required for all skin types.

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#2. Drink more water

The body needs a sufficient amount of water to make the skin beautiful. Drink water, about 8 glasses a day. A glass of water after sleep, tea for breakfast, mineral water during the day, tea in the evening … Thus, you easily get a daily water rate.

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#3. Eat healthy

A balanced diet is useful not only for the body, but also for the skin. Eat five fruits and vegetables daily. This will allow you to maintain the beauty and health of the skin.

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#4. Sleep well

If you get enough sleep, your skin will glow with health. To stay healthy, your body needs a certain amount of sleep – 7, 8, 9 hours … In fact, our need for sleep is genetically conditioned.

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#5. Peelings

They are necessary to remove dead cells and to help your skin create new cells.