Aloe Vera has been used as a miracle remedy for woman’s skin. In previous blog, I did share with you some methods in treating your acne with aloe vera. You can check it in ‘Aloe Vera for Acne Treatment’. Addition to beauty effect, Aloe Vera is also good for health. Let’s check it out. Here are the top 10 benefits of Aloe Vera which I would like to go with today.

Top 10 benefits of Aloe Vera

  1. Heart release and detoxification: In aloe vera, it has antibacterial and anti-viral properties. Thanks to this feature, aloe vera is one of the herbal remedies for heat release and detoxification. Enzymes found in aloe vera gel can help improve the system circulation of the body. They assist in stimulating the production of blood cells that fight against infection in the body.

In order to release internal body heat and detoxify the body naturally, you can cook aloe vera with some water for drink. Or you can cook sweet soup with aloe vera and mung beans. Aloe vera water and mung bean sweet soup will support you in removing toxins and maintaining a healthy body.

Support digestive system: Food wastes stuck in the digestive tract can harm the body and cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation. Gradually, they may prevent the body’s nutrient absorption. Containing amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and other minerals, aloe vera help decrease irritation and repair ulcers in the stomach as well as intestines. Additionally, aloe vera can increase good bacteria in the intestines which support digestive system.

Antibacterial effect: Aloe vera gel has antibacterial effect and anesthetics, shown recent studies. Its gel can be used for disinfection, heat release and diuretic activity. Moreover, the gel helps ease a burn or an insect bite, or cool sun tanned skin.

Aloe vera gel also has effect on increasing blood circulation. Aloe latex can prepare special remedy, which is used for Eczema or acne. It will help to heal the wound.

Eye strain relief: In case your eyes are tired with dark circles and heavy eyelids, you can use aloe vera. The gel of aloe vera has effect on eye strain relief. When you apply aloe vera under your eyes, its gel makes your eye cool and relaxed. Dark circles will be removed gradually.


Boost the immune system: Aloe vera includes anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that boost the immune system to cleanse toxins from the body. Also, it balances the immune system to reduce seasonal allergies and other inflammatory disorders. Additionally, Zinc in aloe vera is an important structural component for hormone and proteins that contribute to healthy and balanced mood as well as immune function.

Gastric ulcer treatment: Aloe vera juice has anti-inflammatory benefits, so it may provide relief for inflamed stomach lining. It may also prevent internal bleeding and reduce secretion of stomach acid.

Constipation relief: Aloe vera is regarded as a laxative acting food and natural constipation relief. Its gel increases intestinal water content, stimulates the secretion of mucus, and gains intestinal peristalsis and enzymes that help to break down food.

Kidney stone prevention: Aloe vera can help to maintain good blood vessel tone and healthy circulation. Potassium contained in this plant may support the heart and stimulate the kidney to dispose wastes in the body, and prevent kidney stones.

Lower cholesterol and blood sugar: Aloe vera juice is one of the natural healers for lowering cholesterol, boosting circulation, increasing blood oxygenation and stabilizing blood sugar.

Regulate monthly period: Aloe vera can boost the production of hormones that are responsible for menstruation and can regulate monthly period in women.

Though there are a lot of benefits of aloe vera to our health, there are few warnings you need to keep in mind:

  • Pregnant and breast-breeding women should not use aloe vera and related products.
  • Diabetics: Gel of aloe vera can lower blood sugar, so people who are under diabetic treatment should be careful while using aloe vera. In some cases, they can lose consciousness. To avoid any unexpected risks, they should get approval from their doctors before having aloe vera.
  • People with hemorrhoids should not consume aloe vera because it may irritate large intestine that make it worse.
  • People having kidney disease should not consume high dose of aloe vera, or in a long time. Some compounds in its resin or latex may cause kidney failure.
  • The elders should not use aloe vera either.