Why is Carrot Incredible for your Skin?

Carrots are another kitchen staple that has proven to provide positive effects on the skin. Carrots are examined as s a powerhouse of antioxidants along with other nutrients. To date, we have been chomping down carrot for different purposes; now, it’s the time to apply it topically to enjoy skincare benefits.

Carrot Benefits for Skin

1. Protects Against Sunburn

Carrots are known to have antioxidant properties. The antioxidants present in carrots simply prevent your skin against the damages of the sun. The vegetable even has beta-carotene, which is required by our skin to build immunity against the harmful rays of the sun. This prevents us from sunburns. So no need to apply sunscreen with high SPF levels like SPF 60. Simply have a carrot a day, and notice the difference!

2. Helps Your Skin Retain Its Moisture

Carrots not only give you high immunity to sun rays, but it also helps your skin to retain its moisture. This means no more drying of the skin, no more patchiness, and itching of your skin! The potassium in the carrots helps to improve the hydration of skin, keeping it well moisturized. The effect is there in your face. Simply look at the mirror and see your skin glow with luster.

3. Positive Healing Properties

Skin problems are a major concern among all, especially teenagers. No need to worry about people! Mr. Carrot, the Healer, is here at your service. Carrots are known to be rich in Vitamin C, which helps in healing wounds and inflammation of the skin. What’s more, it even helps in healing against psoriasis!

Keep eating carrots, keep drinking those carrot juices. Lack of collagen in the skin leads to wrinkling; the production of collagen reduces with age, so simply have some carrots to keep that age at bay. Collagen is needed to help you maintain the elasticity of your skin. Carrots aid in collagen production, helping you to maintain skin elasticity and make your skin bouncy, plump, and healthy.


4. Helps Get the Glow!

Carrots benefits for skin by providing it with the glow it needs. No wonder women today are known to apply those carrot masks before the special evening. The beta-carotene present in the carrot aids in repairing skin damage, helping in skin renewal, and letting the skin look young. What’s more, it is packed with nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and antioxidants, which help in giving your face a healthy glow.

How to Use?

  • It is simple – either you consumer it via diet or apply externally. Most people consume it through their diet. Some eat it by chopping the carrots into stix or have in the form of fries dipped in parmesan. Others simply add some chopped carrots into their salads and enjoy.
  • Carrots can even be had in the form of a juice. Just extract some of the carrot juice and have at least one glass in your daily routine.
  • Or you can simply soup it up! You can try either of Wolfgang’s Puck or Annie’s Organics if you are into canned soups. But I prefer homemade ones.
  • If you are a confectionary buddy, go ahead and make the carrot cakes or even the carrot cake smoothies to suit your taste. These tasty carrots benefit for skin, and that is very much sure.

But if you don’t like carrots but wish for the healthy glowing skin, apply it externally. You get cleansers, lotions, soaps, creams, and even packs. Simply apply to your face and body for a healthy look.

How Much to Use?

On knowing the benefits given by nature, one truly gets into a habit of overindulging in things. Just like too many licorice roots lead to hypertension, having too many carrots results in carotenemia, making your skin turn orange in color.

  • You only need 20 to 50 milligrams of 𝛃-carotenes, so having a medium carrot is more than enough for you.

So carrots benefit for skin in several ways. It has vitamin A and C and also has antioxidants which prevent sunburns, aids in the production of collagen and helps your skin to look healthy. So go to the market and turn yourself in Bugs Bunny junior to include some carrots in your day.